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On this page you will find a constantly changing selection of out-of-the-ordinary communion pieces, sets, and other items. They are often one-of-a-kind pieces. KEEP CHECKING BACK FOR ADDITIONAL ITEMS!

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photo of communion pottery blessing cup and paten made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery
Otoe Blessing Cup and Paten
Quantity available: 2

Sale Price: $54.00 Free Shipping in USA
Mid-size chalice, 5.5" high, 6 oz. capacity, with incised cross, which we refer to as a "Blessing Cup". Comes with 4.5" Paten which can also be used as a cover. This glaze pattern is called "Otoe" - speckled cream with blue and brown incised banding. Free shipping in the USA.
photo of orangestone pottery dishes made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery
Six Multi-purpose Dishes
Quantity available: 1 group of 6

Sale Price: $37.50 set Free Shipping in USA
Six saucer-type dishes, 5" wide. Unglazed stoneware except for brown glaze inside the dish. This shape is the same as our Flagon Stand turned upright, but created in a different clay, which is no longer available. These are all unused - "new" though they were made several years ago. The original intention was for this item to be used as a "potpourri dish" which rested on the top of a vented candle holder jar (potpourri burner.) The clay is a flame-safe orangestone, safe to sit over flame without cracking.

We see these as multi-use vessels - good Ash Wednesday. Or they could be used as additional Patens, or for holding annointing oil, etc. If you do use them with a flame below for some reason, be sure that the underside of the dish is dry before placing over the flame. Close-out price is less than half the original price they had sold for. Hand-crafted, wheel-thrown, not molded. A special price for the set, and free shipping in USA!
photo of pottery communion set made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery
Special Host Box, Candle Holder, Finger Bowl
Quantity available: 1

Sale Price: $100.50 Free Shipping in USA
Thanks to a customer who ordered a set just like this, we have the extra one we made at the same time available for purchase. This set consists of a Host Box, a Small Handle Bowl (finger bowl), and a Candle Holder. The glaze is called "Neuhaus" - it's a deep midnight blue with lighter blue floating accents. The Host Box is about 5.5" overall in height, the candle holder which takes a taper candle is about 5.5" wide, and the Small Handle Bowl (for ashes, oil, extra paten, finger washing, etc.) is about 4.5" wide with a side handle. Free shipping in the USA.
photo of blue and cream blessing cup made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery
Blue and Cream Blessing Cup
Quantity available: 1

Price: $39.00 Free Shipping in USA
Well this was fun to make! This Blessing Cup is 6" high and will contain about 10 oz. It is an in-between size, smaller than the chalice and larger than the travel goblet. The cup is glazed in our dark variegated blue and the stem is in the speckled cream. It has a small cross impressed into the clay on the stem. People are always asking for something that would differentiate the juice cup from the wine cup, and perhaps this would work for that purpose, or for whatever other purpose you choose. It is definitely a one-of-a-kinder, so do not break it. There will probably never be another one!

Free shipping in the USA.
photo of pottery bread server made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery
Loop-handled Bread Server
Quantity available: 1

Sale Price: $42.50 Free Shipping in USA
A piece we rarely make, here is our Loop-handled Bread Server, available in limited quantity now. This piece is convenient in many settings for serving the communion host - pieces of bread or wafers, or even grapes for the children! Overall height is about 5," width 5 1/2." Glazed in the speckled cream which coordinates with the Otoe pattern, as shown. Loop handle for easy carrying and serving. We would love to have them readily available at all times, but time does not permit, so grab one while it's here! Free shipping in the USA.

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