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World Communion Sunday is October 7, 2018.

Worship resources, some new and some vintage, can be found on the websites listed below. Many of these pages contain further links to useful information. We could use some new links! Please submit any additional suggestions of links to pottery@communionware.com

Global Ministries

The Communion of Saints - Buechner

Google search for World Communion images

United Church Canada WCS

Communion Poetry

Global Ministries

Presbyterian Special Days

Great Thanksgiving for World Communion Sunday

Calvin Communion, sample service

All are invited to the Table - Communion/Neighbors in Need


The Text This Week links (contains many add'l links)

Day1 Links to denominations and organizations

Communion Bread Recipes

Religious Poems

Come, For the Meal is Ready liturgy (PDF)

Mennonite WCS Resources

Opening Prayer

A World Communion Sermon (PDF)

Why we do it and how

Nat'l Council of Churches Chrisian Unity


Presbyterian Origins - WCS

Desperatepreacher.com WCS Worship Service

Reformed - "Come All You People" Service

Our communion pottery was pictured on the Disciples of Christ program in 2008

Our communion pottery was pictured on this Disciples of Christ program in 2008

Ocepek Pottery Communionware Catalog Page

"Natural" Ocepek Pottery Communionware - simple, earthy, rustic vessels

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Our pottery was pictured on the World Communion Sunday page in 2007
Our communion pottery was pictured on the National Council of Churches website in 2007