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A photo of Debra Ocepek at the potter's wheel, Akron, Ohio

About Ocepek Pottery

(That's pronounced, "oh-SEP-ik")

We specialize in hand-crafted stoneware communion pottery. Our wheel-thrown communion sets are made with care. They are crafted with the hope that they will be used in God's service, and cherished forever. Ocepek Pottery was founded in 1981.

Every piece of pottery we produce begins with a lump of clay. The clay is shaped by hand on the potter's wheel (a process known as "throwing".) A number of steps follow - such as trimming, adding handles or decoration, drying, firing, glazing and re-firing. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece of stoneware pottery. Each item made in this way will have its own characteristics and individual personality. No two will ever be quite alike!

All of the pottery represented here is lead-free, sturdy and safe. It is meant to be cherished, but also to be used! We hope you will find something that you like on these pages. Thanks for visiting!

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Ocepek Pottery
Ohio, USA

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