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Full Size (Congregational) Communion Sets

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All sets include:
Quart size Flagon with Stand,
9" diameter Paten and
7 1/2" high Chalice.
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A Congregational size Communion Set consists of a plate (or paten), a chalice (or goblet), and pitcher (or flagon) with stand. The flagon stand can be inverted and used as a small dish. Each piece is wheel-thrown, not molded. With a 4" opening, the chalice is suitable for intinction communion services. The Chalice will contain approximately 10 to 12 oz. The finished stoneware is lead-free and safe to use. Expect variations! Our communion vessels are made with care and prayer, one at a time on the potter's wheel. See more communionware

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photo of Congregational Size Communion Set by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery, in Otoe Pattern

chalice cover

This pattern is called "Otoe."
It is our most popular pattern, since it seems to go well in any setting. It's a very friendly glaze - a base of speckled cream, with sky blue and medium brown incised banding. (Otoe is the tribe of some family ancestors. We have called our communionware by names that are significant to our family.) Available with or without carved cross on chalice.

NOTE: If you expect to order specialty vessels to match in the future, you should start with this Otoe pattern because the other vessels are available only in Otoe. See: Special Order page

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photo of Congregational Size Communion Set by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery, in Memorial Pattern

This pattern is called "Memorial"
(for the church where Debra grew up, Memorial Christian.) It is a combination of earth-tone colored clays, glazed only on the inside and rim of the flagon and chalice, in a dark brown. Available with or without carved cross on chalice. This is our most rustic-looking pattern. Warm and un-polished and very one-of-a-kind. We feel that it seems to convey a sense of history. Coloration will vary with each piece, and each firing. See additional Memorial pieces.

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Our Communion Sets are produced by a Christian potter. They are not, however, loaded down with symbolism. We strongly feel that the celebration of Holy Communion should be the primary focus. Though the vessels used can enhance the service, they should not intrude. Whether you are choosing a set for your church, or as a gift for a minister, seminary graduate, family, or special friend, we thank you for allowing us to become a part of your worship service by using our pottery!

We are members of Bethany United Church of Christ. (The congregation supports our ministry not only by nurturing our faith, but also by donating packing materials for us to recycle, which helps keep our prices low.) Ocepek Pottery Communionware is a small, family business Ohio USA. We have been making pottery since 1979.

Price: $149.50 POSTPAID per set. All sets approximately 9" diameter paten and 7 1/2" high chalice. The optional Chalice Cover (a small plate which rests on top of the Chalice) is $20.00. Call if you require more info please, 330-961-1307.

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