Lord's Supper Upper Room Set

photo of Memorial pattern Lord's Supper set clay chalice and plate communion pottery made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery Communionware

Chalice Height: approx. 7.5"
Paten Width: approx. 9"
Potter: Debra Ocepek
Price: $89.00 / 2 pc. set POSTPAID

Chalice: $47.00 POSTPAID

Paten (Plate): $47.00 POSTPAID

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This is our plain plate and chalice in the "Memorial" pattern. There is no carved cross on the chalice because the pieces are made for use in a Lord's Supper drama, Upper Room, or passion play. We've tried to create something rustic and attractive which will give a feeling of age and simplicity to the table. Ideal for Lenten worship services. It is a combination of earth-tone colored clays, glazed only on the inside and rim of the chalice, in a dark brown. This is a rustic-looking design - warm, earthy and un-polished, and very one-of-a-kind. We feel that it seems to convey a sense of history. Though it is made of sturdy stoneware, it has an earthenware appeal. This pattern is called Memorial for the church where Debra grew up, Memorial Christian - where each year the "Lord's Supper Scene" dramatic presentation was enacted.

The variegated coloration in the unglazed clay will be different in each piece - expect variations! The chalice and plate are the same size as in our congregational sets (see Congregational Sets.) The Chalice will contain approximately 10 to 12 oz. Another good choice for the Lord's Supper scene is the smaller travel size in Memorial pattern, if you prefer (see Travel Sets.)

For an even more plain style/pattern, see our "Natural" pattern: Natural

Flagon for communion set rustic pottery communionware
Coordinating Flagon also available. Plain Memorial pattern pitcher, one quart capacity. Comes with stand.
Flagon and Stand (Memorial pattern)
Price: $67.00 POSTPAID
SAVE on Congregational Set
Upper Room Congregational Set - Chalice, Paten, Flagon with Stand
Price: $149.50 POSTPAID
photo of Congregational Size Communion Set by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery Communionware, in Memorial Pattern

photo of Memorial pattern Lord's Supper communion set communion pottery made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery Communionware
Click picture to read about more communion vessels in the Memorial pattern.

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