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Intinction Communion Ware - Chalice and Paten Set

photo of spirit pottery Stoneware Communion pottery Intinction pottery communion set clay chalice and plate in Spirit glaze made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery
Chalice Height:
approx. 7 1/2 inches
Paten Width: approx. 9 1/2 inches
Potter: Debra Ocepek
See other glazes below

2pc Set Price (with or without carved cross): $89.00 / 2 pc.set FREE SHIPPING

Chalice (with or without carved cross): $47.00 FREE SHIPPING

Paten (Plate): $47.00 FREE SHIPPING

For Christian communion worship services, home communion, or weddings, this two-piece set is ideal. The wide-mouth chalice (4" top diameter) will accommodate the dipping of the bread into the wine when intinction is practiced. The Chalice will contain approximately 10 to 12 oz. and is about 7 1/2" high. Paten is approximately 9.5" in diameter. The intinction set is available in Spirit (shown - cream glaze with brown and blue incised banding) or Memorial (mostly unglazed.) Not a souvenir, this is pottery is created for celebration of the Lord's supper. Wheel-thrown, and made of a sturdy high-fired stoneware clay, there is no lead in the glaze and the pottery is safe to use. All of our pottery starts with a lump of clay on the potter's wheel. This set also makes a wonderful wedding gift, which can be used at the service and then later, for a child's First Communion or wedding. The chalice can be ordered separately as a 1st Communion gift (also see smaller set at first-communion-set. )

photo of carved cross on communion chalice Carved Cross

Click to see smaller Paten

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photo of spirit pottery communion set - chalice, paten, flagon - in Spirit glaze by Ocepek Pottery photo of portable chaplain communion set - goblet, paten, jug, jar - in Spirit glaze by Ocepek Pottery

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