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Clergy and Church Gifts for Christmas, Graduation, Ordination, First Communion, Confirmation

photo of Intinction pottery set in Otoe glaze made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery

As more churches have embraced the use of hand-crafted pottery vessels for eucharist, the gift of a wheel-thrown stoneware communion set has become a wonderful gift choice for the seminary graduate or for a newly-ordained minister, as well as an excellent pastor Christmas gift. Church groups traveling on mission trips often take a communion set as a gift to the visited parish.

We have tried to provide an assortment of sets and individual pieces that will fit the needs of most communion services - in the church building and elsewhere - by designing worship service size and travel size vessels.

Shown above is our 2 piece "Otoe" communion set (Intinction Set.) For 1st Communion or Confirmation, the chalice separately or the 1st Communion Set, a small goblet and plate, would make a great gift. Below are samples of other sets in large and small sizes. Click on any image for more information and ordering.


photo of chaplain travel communion set photo of elder travel communion set photo of 1st communion sets photo of Congregational Communion set in Otoe patternphoto of intinction communion set
photo of intinction communion set photo of home intinction set photo of Upper Room communion set photo of One Piece Intinction server photo of remembrance communion travel set photo of communion host box

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